Easy Free and Low-Cost Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

Starting a business isn’t easy. Anyone who says otherwise probably has a lot more money than you. Business development is hard because it’s expensive. You have to pay a rent or mortgage on your establishment. There are employees and vendors to pay. There’s the rising cost of gas to think about. It’s enough to make an entrepreneur’s head spin and none of those things cover the cost of marketing your new business. Boost your startup’s visibility with the easy, free, and low-cost marketing strategies which are provided at Startup Cradles

To generate an income you need to sell your product or service. Marketing gets people to notice your company, walk through your door and buy whatever it is you’re hocking. Without it, you may be left with empty pockets. But, after everything is said and done, how can you be expected to sink thousands of dollars into a marketing firm? You can’t, or rather, you shouldn’t if you can’t afford to. 

Budgeting for marketing is difficult, but there are many free and low-cost marketing strategies you can take advantage of. Self-marketing is something all small businesses should do, including your small business. These are easy, cost-effective ways to promote your business. You don’t have to pay a third-party company to handle these tasks for you.

Social Networking With Places

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get on the popular social networks and start creating profiles for your business. Everything from Facebook to LinkedIn should have a page for your business. Local businesses benefit from new technologies, like place-based networks. These networks are designed to help local businesses connect with local people.

Imagine if someone is strolling passed your storefront and their phone dings them. They stop to have a look and it’s their phone notifying them that you’re right there and you’re having a sale. More and more people are “checking in” with Google and Foursquare, so make sure your business is checked in too.

Visual Marketing With Customization

Visual marketing is inexpensive but very effective. Imagine how someone with bad breaks will feel when they read your bumper sticker in traffic ahead of them. They’ll see your number, press on their breaks, and think to call you. Unlock the secrets here Mega Best to effective marketing on a shoestring budget. 

Custom t-shirts are an excellent way to promote your business. These t-shirts can be fitted with your logo and your company’s contact information. If you want to make these t-shirts even more successful, print them with a thought-provoking question or funny image. This will draw people in and get them talking about the shirt and your business.

Use a mind map tool to create a visual marketing campaign. Mind maps keep everything visual for you too. Quizzing your customers on their best experiences and creating a marketing campaign around that. This customer research is followed by the creation of a targeted marketing kit.

E-Mail Marketing

Every so often, but not too often, you should send an email marketing letter. This should contain any current promotions you’re running, as well as any company news. It doesn’t hurt to engage readers with relatable articles, how-to articles, and other business information that may help them in some way. Quality content is the secret to successful email marketing. Don’t underestimate the power of affordable marketing! Work At Home Blog, have a range of easy, free, and low-cost strategies to help startups like yours reach new heights.