Get Tech Savvy and Save Money

save money

Remember the days when you used to receive coupon savers in the mail or in the local newspaper? You would clip these coupons, save them up and take them with you on your weekly grocery shop and save money on a range of items. Discounts ranged from reduced price per lb, dollars off, or free samples. Unfortunately, the age of the paper coupon is coming to an end and with it so is transparency when it comes to savings. If you are interested to learn more about modern technologies, visit this website for further details.

The rise of the internet and mobile data has paved the way for online grocery apps including virtual shopping, bar code scanning tools, price per lb tools, and digital coupons. These are all promoted similarly to the old paper coupons with the promise of saving money but there are many problems for consumers when it comes to accessing them this way.

The first major problem is choice. Whilst the digital world provides us with savings tools at our fingertips, the sheer amount of these tools is overwhelming for many. Which program is useful? How easy are they to use? Which actually fit the purpose when it comes to savings?

The second problem is the ability of these programs to actually be marketing tools in disguise. With programs featuring components such as pop-ups, spam, and clever product placement, how can consumers be certain the tool they are using is actually a money-saving tool at all?

An independent survey was recently conducted of supermarket shoppers ranging in age, gender and profession to determine what they believed to be the most important features of an online shopping application tool. The most important feature identified was cost. Out of those surveyed only 5% would be willing to pay for a grocery-related app. The second most important feature as identified by 80% of respondents was simplicity. The need for a simple to use app which does what it promises with no complicated features was considered vital. Other features considered important included mobile friendliness, lack of
pop-ups or ads, and tools fit for the purpose of savings. For more details about latest technologies, visit this website for more information.

Several online applications and programs were trialed with this group and the two that proved to be the most popular were virtual coupons (similar to the old paper ones), and online unit price calculators. The simplicity and transparency of these types of programs were the main factors that made them more popular in comparison to programs such a virtual trolleys or bar code scanners.

One respondent reported “I find it difficult when I’m at the shops to know if I’m getting a real deal on a product or not and an app that calculates the unit price per pound is actually pretty handy – you don’t always need a coupon this way, you can just work out the best deals yourself and it’s very simple to use”.

The face of supermarket shopping is constantly changing and evolving as technology continually provides us with ways to save time and money with a few clicks of a button. For this reason, it is becoming more and more important for people to get on board with technology and find programs that work for them to avoid being left behind and paying more than they need to. Go to the website in order to acquire additional information about technology, software, and gadgets.